Waste Water

Wastewater Applications

Pursuant to the SA Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013, all on-site wastewater systems and alterations to on-site wastewater systems are subject to a wastewater works approval.

For clarification, please refer to the South Australian Department for Health and Ageing – ON-SITE WASTEWATER SYSTEMS CODE (the code) for further information to assist in the completion of this application form.

The Code can be accessed online at:


Each application must include two (2) copies of a detailed sanitary plumbing and drainage lay-out (refer to Section 8 of the Code), a site and soil report (refer to Section 3.6.1 of the Code) and the appropriate fee as determined by the relevant authority.

Applications where necessary, must include a detailed assessment of the land capability of the site via a soil report (i.e. the suitability of the site for treatment and disposal/reuse of domestic wastewater).

Properties located within the townships of Port Broughton and Bute may have CWMS (Community Waste Management System) connections.  Please contact Council for clarification on this matter.

To connect to the CWMS, there is an Augmentation fee set by Council, please refer to Council’s Fees & Charges for clarification of the fee amount.

All properties  are required to install either an on-site wastewater disposal system or off-site wastewater disposal system (CWMS or Sewer connection).  Council does not currently have any properties connected to Sewer.

A copy of the Wastewater Application Form can be found here Wastewater Application Form(421 kb)

Information about care of septic tanks can be found here : Operation and Care of Septic Tanks(192 kb)

Application to Connect to CWMS in Port Broughton and Bute

Council encourages stakeholders to connect to the Community Waste Management System (CWMS) in Port Broughton and Bute.

The application process is:
  • Application to Connect from an Existing Dwelling – NO alteration to Septic Tank
A fee of $375 is applicable where stakeholders wish to connect to the CWMS where an existing Wastewater Control System is currently in place. The only alteration in this scenario is the existing septic tank will be connected to the CWMS. Application to Connect to CWMS for an existing system can be made by utilising the following form:
  • Application to Connect from an Existing Dwelling – Including the Installation of a NEW Septic Tank:
Where a NEW Septic Tank is proposed to be installed, AND stakeholders want to connect to the CWMS, there is a two (2) step process:You will be required to complete:
  1. Application to Connect to CWMS;
  2. Application to Alter a Waste Control System is made utilising the APPLICATION FOR AN ON-SITE WASTEWATER WORKS APPROVAL form.  
There are two (2) charges in this circumstance –
i.            Waste Control Fees are applicable;  AND
ii.            Application to connect to CWMS fee
  • Application to Connect from a NEW Dwelling – Where an Inspection Point Connection is available
Where a New Dwelling is being constructed and septic tank installed, AND stakeholders want to connect to the CWMS:You will be required to complete:
  1. Application to Connect to CWMS (Augmentation Fee will apply);
  2. Application for an On-Site Wastewater Works Approval
Fees vary between each circumstance.  Please refer Council’s Fees and Charges for relevant fees.