Council meeting recordings & live streams

To view our recorded Council meetings and informal gatherings please follow the link below to Council's Youtube Chanel

* Please note recording of April 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting is unavailable due to technology malfunction during the meeting. Minutes of the meeting are available here. M Wauchope, CEO.


Live streams and recordings of Council meetings and informal gatherings are a service provided by the Council to enable flexible and remote access to the public to Council’s meetings and informal gatherings.

Recordings will be made of all Council meetings (excluding confidential items) and informal gatherings and published to YouTube following the meeting. To view our recorded Council meetings and informal gatherings, please follow the link below to Council’s YouTube Channel:


Individual opinions or statements made by Council members, employees or members of the public during the course of the Council meetings are not the opinions or statements of Council.

By attending and/or participating in Council meetings, individuals consent to the use and disclosure of the information that they share at the Meeting (including any personal or sensitive information given), for the purposes of the Council carrying out its functions. Individuals also consent to the disclosure of that information to any person(s) who access live streaming or recordings of Council meetings.


Records of Council meetings and informal gatherings constitute official records of the Council for the purposes of the State Records Act 1887 (SA). These records are ‘temporary records’ in accordance with the State Records of South Australia General Disposal Schedule No. 40 and will be destroyed once reference use ceases. Please refer to Council’s Code of Practice (Procedures at Meetings) and Code of Practice – Access to Council Meetings for further information regarding the live streaming and recording of Council meeting and informal gatherings and when such recordings will be destroyed by the Council.


While every effort will be made to ensure the live streaming of Council meetings and informal gatherings is available, the Council takes no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for the live streaming if technical difficulties arise beyond the Council’s control. Please refer to the Agendas and Minutes for official records of Council meetings.