Rural Property Addressing

Rural Property Addressing is a joint state and local government initiative aimed at providing all rural properties, including occupied homes, infrastructure & commercial properties a nationally consistent numbered address consisting of a property number, road name and locality address.

This initiative provides a distance-based road number (based on the national standard) for the road access point to occupied properties that will assist emergency services and other service providers to find homes and businesses alike in rural localities within the District Council of Barunga West, South Australia and Australia.

Formula for the calculation of Rural Property Addressing has been determined by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and is consistent with other rural property addressing allocations throughout Australia. The formula is calculated as the distance from the beginning of a road to the driveway in metres, then divided by ten. Odd numbers allocated on the left, even numbers on the right from the roads determined beginning.

Gazetted Localities (or the Suburb) can be viewed by clicking here.

The allocated number will be known as the Residential Address for that property. This is the residential address all government departments, Council, Lands Titles Office and other essential service providers will use to locate the property.

Rural Property Addressing numbering will not replace your usual postal delivery options such as post office boxes, local post office counter delivery or private bags. Roadside delivery options such as Road Side Delivery (RSD), Roadside Mail Bags (RMB) and Lot or Section Numbers will however be replaced by your Rural Property Address number.

The Rural Property Addressing Application Form is to be used for;

  • New Rural Dwellings and Business Premises (New Number)
  • Request for allocation of Rural Property Addressing Number to previously Non-Allocated assessments(Additional Number)
  • Replacement of Rural Property Addressing signs (Replacement Plate)-

Rural Property Addressing Application Form(182 kb)

please note:  Replacement signs and droppers will be ordered and installed by Council, at landowners cost in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges