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Our Vision, Mission and Values

1.           Our Vision

We are a vibrant, thriving, safe and welcoming coastal and agricultural community with an unspoilt natural environment and relaxed country lifestyle.

2.           Our Mission

Through community engagement and collaboration effectively deliver the community’s needs in a sustainable manner

3.           Our Values

Respectful, Approachable & Consultative

We will listen and respond to community views as we make the day-to-day and the long term decisions of Council in the best interests of the district and community. We will demonstrate respect, care and empathy in our processes, considerations and dealings.

One District - One Community

We are diverse from beach to bush, from town to farm, from young to old, from people who have lived here for a lifetime, to those who are new to the district. Respecting all and valuing all, we support the coming together as one community. Our considerations and decisions are made in the best interests of our district as a whole


We understand that at times our decisions will find favour; and at times not. However we will pursue considerations and make decisions that are prudent, reliable and always in the best interest of our whole community.


We are optimistic about our future as we pursue harmony, opportunity and prosperity in our district. We are aspirational; working to provide greater opportunity for all within our community.


We will work hard to develop and hold the trust of our community by acting with integrity and transparency in our dealings.


We will be visionary in thinking, pragmatic in our decisions and professional in our execution as we deliver the best outcomes for our community. We will embrace innovation and creativity in our pursuit of quality and sustainability. We will continuously explore ways to improve.