Impounded Dogs

Dogs Currently in Pound


Lost and Found (Wandering) Dogs and Impounded Dogs

Lost Dogs

In the event that your dog becomes lost, please contact Council immediately to make a report as it may have been collected and taken to the Council's pound facilities.  When reporting a lost dog, please provide its registration number, name, sex, breed, colour, age, microchip number, colour of its collar, any other identifying features and when it was last seen.

You can also change the DACO system to reflect that your dog is Lost with a contact phone number for a member of the public to contact you direct.

Found Dogs

If you have found a dog wandering at large please contact Council between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm daily.  Council will attempt to identify and contact the owners.  If Council are unable to contact the owners, an Officer will collect the dog as quickly as possible.

If you have found a dog outside of these hours if possible, please hold onto the dog and contact Council.

Lost dogs can be frightened and not traffic smart which means their safety could be at risk.  Please remember that some frightened dogs could also become aggressive, so be cautious if approaching an unknown dog.  Contact the Council immediately if the dog shows signs of aggression.  An Animal Officer will attend as soon as possible to collect the dog.  If it is friendly, contain the dog as soon as possible to protect the dog from any harm that could come from continuously wandering.

Impounded Dogs

Council maintains an up-to date listing of all animals that have been lost or found and make every effort to reunite you and your pet as soon as possible. To help make the return process quicker, please ensure your pet's microchip and registration details are up to date. If you are unsure if your dog details are up to date please login into DACO.

When Council collects a wandering dog, the Officer will do the following:

  • Check registration tag/identification tag
  • Check for a microchip
  • Check Council's lost dog register
  • Display a public notice in our Kadina office.
  • Post on Council’s Facebook page

Council aims to return the dog direct to the owner but for dogs whose owners are not located or contactable, the dog will be cared for at Councils pound facility.

All dogs must be claimed within seventy-two (72) hours, any dog unclaimed after this time becomes the property of Council and if suitable, will be re-homed.

To collect any impounded dog, you will require photo identification eg driver's licence  to confirm your current address.