Online Burning Off Notification


To notify of your intent to burn, please enter site here:


Guide for Online Burning-Off Notification system(741 kb)

For information on applying for a permit and permit conditions please click here : Fire Permits

Prior to lighting up each burn off, Permit holders are required to go to the website (click the link above) and validate their permit and provide details of burn off location and time. Location can be entered in as an address or a “pin” can be dropped on the map to mark location. Locations and times are visible for all Emergency Services and Council’s Authorised Officers to view to assist with Fire Season management.

Notifications to validate a permit can occur from 5.00pm on the day prior to burn off and on the intended day of burning up to 1.00pm and provide a minimum of two (2) hours notice before starting to burn.

CFS Farming Codes of Practice