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How to provide feedback:

Feedback can be provided by one of the following means:

Website:  Customer request/feedback form please be sure to clearly specify what you are providing comment on
Email: Email any submissions to barunga@barungawest.sa.gov.au
Mail: Mail any submissions to The District Council of Barunga West, PO Box 3, PORT BROUGHTON, SA, 5522.

Acknowledgement of feedback:

Council will acknowledge the receipt of your feedback, generally via email, or in some circumstances via letter.

What happens with your feedback:

All feedback is provided to Council along with a report.  Council will then consider the feedback provided when making decisions moving forward regarding the matter.

For futher information please contact CEO, Andrew Cole on (08) 8635 2107 or via email barunga@barungawest.sa.gov.au


Proposal to alter the name of the Council to “Barunga West Council”.

Proposed Alteration of Council Name  

NOTICE is hereby given that The District Council of Barunga West is proposing to alter the name of the Council to “Barunga West Council”.

In accordance with section 13 of the Local Government Act 1999, Council invites written submissions on the matter to the Council. Also Council shall give any person who makes a written submission the opportunity to appear before the Council and to be heard on those submissions.

Written submissions should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer, P.O. Box 3, Port Broughton, S.A. 5522, or emailed to barunga@barungawest.sa.gov.au by close of business on Thursday 29th March 2018.              

A. Cole, Chief Executive Officer


Port Broughton Foreshore Hazard Adaption Plan - Community Questionnaire

Port Broughton Foreshore Hazard Adaption Plan


The coastline of Port Broughton is important to the local community because of its recreation, tourism and nature values.

Port Broughton is a small but rapidly growing town of approx. 900 permanent residents that supports commercial fishing fleets and a rich agricultural hinterland.

The relatively low elevation of Port Broughton has seen most of the foreshore properties, coastal assets and infrastructure at increasing risk to storm damage.

While storms have always had an impact on local beaches, the coast is increasingly being impacted by sand erosion and inundation. In the long term, climate change driven sea level rise will further exacerbate these impacts.


The project

Without action, coastal assets, public land, private properties and infrastructure in the vicinity of the coastline at Port Brougton will experience increased erosion and inundation risk. Recognising the value of the Port Broughton coastline to the community, the Barunga West Council has initiated a project to develop a robust plan to determine specific priority pathways for action.

A range of tasks will be undertaken as part of the project, including:

developing inundation and erosion maps based on estimates of extreme coastal water levels and projected sea level rise;

developing a risk profile for assets and infrastructure;

Assess viable adaption options in light of social, environmental and economic pressures; and

Identifying potential triggers for future decision making.


How can you get involved?

We want to hear from you about a range of issues including:

What parts of the Port Broughton coastline or public facilities are most important to you and why?

Where have you observed inundation and erosion occurring during storm tides?

What do you think could be done to reduce inundation and erosion risk?

Council have issued a questionnaire to all landowners currently impacted by storm tides, the questionnaire provides an opportunity for you to have your say and share your experiences. A copy of the questionnaire can also be collected from Council offices. All questionnaires are to be returned to Council offices or emailed to annabel@wavelengthconsulting.com.au

A drop in session will be held at Council offices, 3:30 – 5:30pm Friday 15th December to discuss the project with the study team.

Information sheet(873 kb)


Questionnaire(638 kb)

Strategic Management Plan 2013-2020: 2018 review

 The Strategic Management Plan 2013-2020 was last reviewed in November 2016 following the 2014 local government elections.

As a result of the 201/17 ‘financial controls review, dated 18/4/2017, Council’s external auditors recommended reviewing the strategic management planning document to provide better alignment of with other Council plans, such as the Annual Business Plan, amongst others.

The current Strategic Management Plan 2013-2020 will undergo a major review following the 2018 local government elections.

The draft 2013-2020 Strategic Management Plan is available here: 2013-2020 Strategic Management Plan - draft(305 kb)

This plan is out for public consultation until Thursday 8th March 2018

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